PTFE Filter Bag

PTFE Filter Bag High Temperature Resistant Filter Up to 260 Degree

PTFE  filter bag , made of 100% PTFE needle felt are mainly for high temperature flue gas dedusting for waste treatment plant , Waste Incinerator Waste to energy power plant , chemical plant and metal smelting furnace . It performs very good for high temperature working conditions and complicated chemical conditions.
 (Polytetrafluoroethylene ) PTFE Filter Media  with Dipping , PTFE membrane . PTFE filter bag

  • 100% PTFE Needle Felt  Performance :
  • Excellent chemical stability and extreme heat resistance
  • Resist all strong acids and alkali erosion
  • Performa well for gas continuous operating temperature up to 260°C, instant temperature up to 280°C.
  • Standby all kinds of strong oxidant corrosion.
  • Hydrolysis performs excellent
  • Good flame sparks retardant

PTFE/ Teflon Filter Bag Application:

It  performs good in flue gas filtration of Iron steel industry, cement plants, pharmacy waste incineration, carbon black , fired boiler etc. After the water repellent treatment or PTFE Membrane , it works perfectly in liquid filtration, such as petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, sewage disposal and waste material recycling.

ptfe filter bag
High Temperature Bag Filter PTFE Filter Bag