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Dust Bag Filter For Mineral Industries, Cement, Lime, Gypsum, Asphalt Plants Powder Collection 160mm

Dust Bag Filter, The minerals industry works with a wide range of ores and stones – Mining industry, asphalt, cement, gypsum, lime powder dust collection. Each of these materials present unique environmental challenges when it comes to filter technology:

Createch offers filter technology meets  requirements for filters include properties such as high abrasion resistance, dissipation of electrostatic charges and high chemical resistance. filter bag

Application of Dust Bag Filter :

Cement industry – Clinker cooler

Cement industry – Chlorine bypass

Lime, gypsum, clay industry – Shaft kiln

Lime, gypsum, clay industry – Rotary kiln

Cement industry – Rotary kiln

Asphalt industry

The right filter bag for filter bag housings every application :

Silo, packing station and conveyor systems

Silo filter, packing station and conveyor systems bag filter housings are charged with dry dust, mostly under ambient conditions. A low-cost needle felt made of polyester can be used. The special finish reduces the friction between dust and fibre, increasing the degree of cleaning and the service life of the filter bag

Cement mill, separator

High dust loads from the cement mill or the separator require a resistant filter material. An oil and water repellent finish is recommended in countries with a high relative humidity and ensures that the agglomerating dust is not only separated, but is also effectively cleaned from the filter bag. Coal milling and drying. Filter bag

Since a drying process is involved in addition to milling, increase gas humidity is to be expected. This manifests itself in chemical attack on the polyester fibres due to hydrolysis, their resistance is weakened over the course of time. We combines the chemically more susceptible and mechanically stable polyester in order to achieve an optimum filter bag  service life and high level of profitability with this compound medium.

Clinker cooler

The hot clinker dust emerging from the cement kiln is generally cooled with ambient air before further processing. Since they are applied in dry form and without harmful gasses, filter media for  filter bag made of Meta-aramid felt can achieve long and economically efficient service lives.

Meta-Aramid is characterized by greater sustained temperature resistance with low gas humidity, in addition to less mechanical wear through the effect of the abrasive clinker dust.

Furnace bypass

The currently increasing use of secondary fuels can for example increase the chlorine concentration in the exhaust gas and product to impermissible levels. By extracting a partial stream from the cyclone preheater followed by subsequent cooling, the harmful gases can be effectively separated in solid form by means of a filter bag. 

The high constant temperatures and corrosive gas and dust composition however require an extremely resistant filter medium. Filter media made of PTFE are perfect for efficient filtration.

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