PTFE Filter Bag

PTFE Filter Bags For Waste To Energy Plant Flue Gas Filtration 160 x 6000 mm

What is PTFE bag filter?

PTFE filter bags , ptfe needle felt filter cloth , made of 100% PTFE needle felt , high temperature resistance , are mainly for high temperature flue gas dedusting for waste treatment plant , Waste Incinerator Waste to energy power plant , chemical plant and metal smelting furnace . It performs very good for high temperature working conditions and complicated chemical conditions. The filter media usually be treated with PTFE dipping and PTFE membrane.

100% PTFE Needle Felt teflon ptfe filter bag  performance Excellent chemical stability and extreme heat resistance

Resist all strong acids and alkali erosion

Performa well for gas continuous operating temperature up to 260°C, instant temperature up to 280°C.

Standby all kinds of strong oxidant corrosion.

Hydrolysis performs excellent

 Good flame sparks retardant

PTFE Full form PTFE bags air pollution control industry baghouse solutions application :

ptfe filter bags
PTFE Filter Bag High Temperature Resistant
PTFE filter felt
PTFE Filter Felt

nonwoven ppsptfe dust collector filter ptfe filter bag

Waste Incinerator Waste to Energy Power Plant

Metal Recycling Smelting Furnace

Chemical Plant Flue Gas Filtration

Industrial Boiler Smoke Filtration

other High Temperature Flue Gas Conditions

100% PTFE Needle felt filter cloth  :
high temperature resistance air filtration filter media  , higher efficiencies using ptfe filters
1. Temperature (°C): Continue: 250, Instant: 300 degree C PTFE teflon filter bag
2. Features: needle felt filter cloth teflon , strong stability, wear resistance, chemical stability, temperature resistance is  particularly prominent
3. Application: industry nonwoven pps ptfe dust used in steel, power, waste incineration flue gas filtration and other harsh  environments.air filtration filter media  

Are PTFE filter Bags hydrophobic?

1. ptfe filter bag needle felt filter cloth teflon is temperature resistance dust filter with Excellent chemical stability and heat resistance;
2.  Teflon filter bag Will withstand all strong acids and alkali erosion;
3.  Will serve well for gas continuous operating temperature up to 260°C, instant temperature up to 280°C;
4.  Will withstand all kinds of strong oxidant corrosion;
5.  Hydrolysis resistance performance is excellent;
6. Good flame retardant, insulation, heat insulation, light stability, low coefficient of friction and small adhesion;
7. PTFE filter bag  has excellent filtration efficiency, low and stable differential pressure, easy cleaning, and under the same conditions its life is significantly longer than other high temperature resistant filter materials. teflon felt liquid filter bags

What does a filter bag do?

What is the principle of baghouse filter? When the dust-containing gas passes through the filter media, the dust is stopped on its surface and the clean air is discharged through the gaps of the filter media, which is the basic principle of air filtration technology for cloth bag dust collectors.At present, the main types of air filtration are fiber filtration, membrane filtration (lamination or film) and dust layer filtration, all three of which can achieve the purpose of separating solid particles from aerosols, but their separation mechanisms are different.

The structure of cloth bag dust collector is mainly composed of: upper, middle and lower parts, dust cleaning system and dust discharge mechanism. The performance of the bag filter is good or bad is in addition to the correct choice of bag material, the dust cleaning system plays an important decisive role for the bag filter. ptfe needle felt filter cloth