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Createch, dedicating in design, manufacturing and building in Air Pollution Control System, Ash Handling System and Dust Filtration System and related Spare Parts Filter Bags and Cages. With over 25 years professional experience, we are the TOP Manufacturer of Dust Collector Equipment and Spare parts, Dust Collector Bag Filter, the Industries we are serving including Asphalt Mixing, Metallurgy, Waste Recycling , Metal Smelting and Refining, Mining, Chemical, Waste Burning Power plant Air Pollution Control, etc.

Main products : Industrial Dust Collector, Dust Collector Filter Bags, Bag Filter Cages.

Our Products dust collector bag filter

Industrial Dust Collector , Industrial Dust Collector Filter bags , Baghouse Bag Cages .

Industrial Baghouse Dust Collector

Pulse Jet Dust Collector , Cartridge Dust Collector , Silo Top Filter

Dust Collector Filter Bags

Nomex / Aramid Filter Bags , PTFE Teflon Bag Filters , PTFE Membrane Filter Bags , Fiberglass Filter Bags , PPS / Ryton Bag Filters , High Temperature Filter Bags , Compound Material Filter Bags

Bag Filter Cages

Stainless Steel Filter Bags, Normal Steel Filter Cages.


Top Manufacturer of Dust Collector Filter Bag Material : Needle Felt of Nomex, Aramid, PTFE, TEFLON, PPS, Fiberglass, P84, etc.

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