Dust Filter Bag

Industrial Flue Gas Dust Filter Bag 2000-8000mm

Industrial dust collector filter bags

Industrial dust filter bag is the key part of the baghouse dust collector system operation process. bag filter

Createch offers full series industrial dust collector filter bags with different functions, for different industries, different operation working conditions, industries we are serving including Metallurgy, Mining, Waste Recycling, Waste to Energy, Construction material ( Cement, Gypsum, Lime ), Asphalt mixing, etc. powertec dust filter bag

Dust Filter Bag
Industrial Dust Filter Bag

Dust Collector Bag Replacement

bag filter bag
Industrial dust collector bags
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Crucial to the operation of the industrial dust collector, is having the right dust collector bag installed. The selection of the correct dust collector bag for the operation conditions is essential to gaining the highest efficiency out of the dust collection and filtration system, and longest filter bag life. CREATECH bag filter experts are here to assist you in determining which type of dust collector bags are the best fit for your operation.

Different Type of Dust Collection System dust collector bags cartridges

Reverse Air Filter Bag

Pulse Jet Filter Bag

Oval Type Filter Bag

Pleated Filter Bag

Different function of industrial dust collector bags

High Temperature of filter bag

Anti static filter bag

Water and oil repellent filter bag

Abrasive resistant filter bag

Meanwhile, we have the key developed baghouse filter bags NOM-PT 554 which is specially for solution of air pollution control for asphalt mixing plant,  PT-ST-700 for dust filtration for metal smelting and refining furnace , PTT-800 for flue gas filtration in waste burning power plant, also the Bio-T 560 for smoke removing for industrial boiler. powertec 70005 dust filter bag for small dust collectors

Our filter bag for dust collector widely applied in air pollution control process for: filter bags baghouse america

Iron and steel plant

Metal refining and foundry, non-ferrous smelting , 

Cement / Lime / Gypsum industries 

Waste recycling and Waste to Energy

Chemical Industry

Industrial Boiler

Asphalt plant

Application of industrial filter bags

The dust collector filter bags is the heart of the baghouse dust collector system,  which plays a very important role for the dust removal effect It plays a very important role in dust removal. The dust removal efficiency is 99.999% 1 micron dust collector filter bag.