High Temperature Filter Bag

High Temperature Filter Bag PTFE / Teflon / Fiberglass Felts 280 degree C

High Temperature Filter Bags ,dust collector filter, made of high temperature needled felt is an series of filter bags with different filter material which performs well in high temperature air pollution control system. It was normally be taken for high temperature flue gas in industries of metal smelting and refining , waste burning recycling, waste to energy waste incinerators power generation , asphalt mixing, industrial boilers, chemical industry, etc. replacement high temperature bags .Operation Flue Gas Temperature over 190-280 degree C. Filter for bag dust removal equipment

High Temperature Filter Bag
ptfe teflon filter bag
Dust Collector Filter Bag
ptfe fiberglass bag filter
temperature resistant filter bags
temperature resistant filter bags
  • The Application  Industry temperature resistant filter bags :
  • Baghouse Filtration / Air pollution control system
  • Foundry , Metal Smelting 
  • Asphalt Mixing 
  • Power Generation ,
  • Waste treatment power generation plant ,
  • Cement, Gypsum ,  Lime
  • Mining and mineral.
  • Carbon Black.

High Temperature Resistant Filter Bag Material:donaldson filter bags

  • PTFE needle felt
  • Teflon needle felt
  • Nomex needle felt
  • Fiberglass filter cloth
  • PPS filter felt
  • PT-M  filter cloth
  • high temperature resistant filter
The Application  Industry temperature resistant filter bags :

Type of filter bags donaldson ptfe