High Temperature Filter Bags

High Temperature Filter Bags PTFE Fiberglass Nomex Fabrics 160 x 3500mm

High Temperature Filter Bags is an series of filter bags with different filter material which performs well in high temperature air pollution control system. It was normally be taken for high temperature flue gas in industries of metal smelting and refining , waste burning recycling, waste to energy waste incinerators power generation , asphalt mixing, industrial boilers, chemical industry, etc

Operation Flue Gas Temperature over 190-280 degree C.

High Temperature Resistant Filter Bag Material :

PTFE needle felt

Teflon needle felt

Nomex needle felt

Fiberglass filter cloth

PPS filter felt

PT-M  filter cloth

P 84 Needle Felt

Polyester Filter Bags

The Application  Industry:

Baghouse Filtration / Air pollution control system

Foundry , Metal Smelting 

Asphalt Mixing 

Power Generation ,

Waste treatment power generation plant ,

Cement, Gypsum ,  Lime

Mining and mineral.

Carbon Black.

Types of  Filter bags :

Pulse jet filter bag

Snap Band Filter Bags

Reverse pulse filter bag

Envelope type filter bag

Pleated Filter Bags High temperature bag filter

High Temperature Filter Bags
High Temperature Filter Bags

100% PTFE Filter Needle Felt Application :
PTFE filter bags  are suitable for the corrosion resistance of harsh condition that require a longer working life of dust collector filter bag, such as waste incineration flue gas filtration, coal boiler power plant ash handling system , waste treatment plant .
100% PTFE Filter Needle Felt  Performance :
Excellent chemical stability and heat resistance
Will withstand all strong acids and alkali erosion
Will serve well for gas continuous operating temperature up to 240°C, instant temperature up to 280°C.
Will withstand all kinds of strong oxidant corrosion
Hydrolysis performance is excellent;
Good flame retardant, insulation, heat insulation, light stability, low coefficient of friction and small adhesion.
PTFE filter cloth has excellent filtration efficiency, low and stable differential pressure, easy cleaning, and under the same conditions its life is significantly longer than other high temperature resistant filter materials.

high temperature filter bags
High Temperature Filter Bags