Createch has more than 30 years of experience supplying filter bags and filter media to Iron steel plants, Ferrous metal  and non Ferrous  metal production process ,casting , refining  and foundries. We provide high quality filters for baghouse dust collection system  and the filtration media selection ,operation instruction  and maintenance support.

We also supply filtration felt and woven filter fabrics to dust filter  bag and liquid filter cloth converters.

PRODUCT for STEEL WORKS, ferrous and non ferrous metal smelting, refining  and FOUNDRIES

Particles in steel plants and foundries is generated in different process of operation, which may  contain mineral oxides, metals particles  ( aluminium , cadmium, copper, lead, nickel, chromium, zinc, manganese) and metal oxides.

The particle sources may from :

• melting and refining activities

• heating and remelting furnaces

• mechanical action (e.g. scarfing, grinding and sand blasting)

• materials handling (e.g. raw materials, additive, recycled and waste materials, and by-products)

• coal storage, conveying, charging, coking, pushing, and quenching

• continuous casting (transfer of molten steel to the mold and cutting of the final product by oxy-fuel torches)

• thermal processes including coke making, sintering ,  pelletizing, and direct reduction in most foundries

Dust Filtration may be accomplished by pulse jet filter or reverse air filter bag.

 Different production process and different gas compositions require different function filter medium that play a major role in filter technology. Here at ECOGRACE , we design industrial filters for every filter technology application tailored exactly to your application. Our industrial filters distinguish themselves with their excellent filtration properties and long service lives.