Cartridge Dust Collector

Industrial Cartridge Dust Collector For Fine Sub-Micron Filter 6080

We design and install industrial cartridge dust collector systems for manufacturing facilities.Including pulse jet Dust Collector and reverse air Dust Collector.
Createch works with a full series of industrial dust collectors and filters Units , pulse jet cartridge dust collector . After installation, we provide maintenance service and replacement air filters for the dust collection equipment, including dust filter bag and cages replacement.
Cartridge collectors are often used in facilities where very sub-micron particles must be filtered, or where continuous filtration is a requirement.

Application of Cartridge Type Dust Collector :

Grain silos
Welding Fumes
Laser or plasma cutting
Fiberglass manufacturing
Abrasive blasting
Smoke filtration
Chemical or plastics production
Pharmaceutical cARTRIDGE FILTER

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What is a cartridge dust collector ?

Cartridge Filter are industrial dust collectors that use for fine powder from 4 to 100 Cartridge filters to filter dusty air produced by various manufacturing and processing applications. In most Cartridge Filter Collector , a large fan suction the dusty air into the Baghouse collector where the dust collects on the exterior of the filter cartridges and cleaned air then exits the collector. We offers a complete series of cartridge filter to keep your operation running smoothly.

How does a cartridge filter dust collector work?

Like most industrial dust collection systems , cartridge collector uses a fan to move air and dust into the collector, where the filters are. We call this space the dust filtration . Air moves through the filters, while dust and particles stay on the outside . Industrial Dust Collector

Advantages of Cartridge Style Dust Collector :
1. The cartridge dust collectors was chosen when a smaller, more compact footprint is preferred. Cartridge dust collectors tend to have more filtering capacity per square meter compared with a baghouse dust collector.
2. Another advantage of cartridge dust collectors is ease of maintenance. Changing the filters can be done quickly from the outside of the unit. With some baghouse units, changing the bag filters means accessing the inside of the collection enclosure and changing the bags one by one.

Specification of Cartridge Dust Collector Filters :

Model No.Air Flow  m3/hFiltration Area  m2Blower Power  KW
ECC-161200024015 OR 18.5
Specification of Cartridge Dust Collector