Aramid Nomex Bag Filter

Nomex Aramid Bag Filter 14 oz 160 x 4500mm

CREATECH Manufacture fabric bag filters Aramid bag filter for high Temperature flue gas operation conditions , including for the dust collection system for metal smelting furnace , asphalt mixing site , industrial boiler , waste recycling plants .

What is Nomex filter bag?

NOMEX Filter bags are made of nomex felt , which is with good at high temperature resistant and abrasive proof. We also called it as Aramid filter bags. It is the most cost effective high temperature standby dust collector filter bag. The instant peak temperature is up to 204 degree C. The aramid nomex bag p filter are widely applied in air pollution control in asphalt mixing plants , metal smelting furnace gas filtration .

Aramid Bag Filter
Aramid Bag Filter
aramid filter bag
Filter bag installation

Bag Filters in Asphalt mixing plants dust collectors are exposed to extreme conditions and aggressive corrosive dusty gas, high temperature with oil mist . Frequent temperature fluctuations and frequent stops resulting potential sparks and additional pressure on the filter material. CREATECH offers technically and economically filter solution aramid bags for such aggressive working conditions in asphalt mixing plant, with experience over 20 years.

Bag Filters in dust collector for metal smelting furnace are exposed to extreme conditions and aggressive corrosive dusty gas, aramidnomex needle felt filter cloth high temperature with oil mist . temperature filter bag nomex . CREATECH offers technically and economically filter solution for such high temperature working conditions in metallurgy industry.

We provide  filter bags for high temperature dust filtration process , needle felt filter cloth nomex , adopting high-class high temperature fiber material and produce the high quality and effective filter media and filter bags, the working life of our filter extended to 24 months or longer.

Felt filter cloth nomex dust meets perfectly to the requirements of asphalt  plants dust collector to the high temperature.  The filter bags we produced are  mechanically extremely stable due to the supporting scrim used, the homogeneous fibre layer and the heat setting.high temperature dust collector filter bag. nomex filter bag

Createch is the top manufacturer of industrial dust collector equipment and dust collector filter bag in China. With over 25 years experience in the air pollution control and powder material handling, we have served industries including metallurgy, food , chemical, mining, asphalt mixing, waste recycling ,waste burning power generation, nomexaramid dust collector filter etc.

How many types of bag filters are there?

By different type of filtration system

Reverse Air Filter Bag

Pulse Jet Filter Bag

Oval Filter Bag

Snap Band Filter Bag

Pleated Filter Bag

By different working conditions

High temperature resistant filter bags

Anti-static filter bags

Water and oil repellent filter bags

Abrasive resistant filter bags

By different material of filter bag

Nomex , Aramid needle felt

PTFE, Teflon needle felt

PPS, Ryton needle felt

Fiberglass, Woven fabric / Felt

Homo Acrylic Felt

Polyester filter fabrics.

Filter Bag Application :

dust collector filter bag
Dust Filter Bags