Baghouse Dust Collector

Industrial Baghouse Dust Collector Air Flow 2000- 100,000 CFM

As baghouse dust collector manufacturers , We make baghouse dust collector design and installation for industrial dust collection and air pollution control , design dust collection systems for manufacturing facilities.
We works with a full line of dust collectors and filters. After installation, we provide maintenance services and replacement fabric filters for the dust collection equipment. 

Baghouse Dust Collector Working Principle

How does a baghouse dust collector work?
Bag Dust Collector
Filter Dust Collector Working Principle
  • Dirty air containing ash dust particles enters the chamber house of collector through the ductwork.
  • Fans either push or pull the air through the ducts.
  • The air hits a set of baffles, which are angled pieces of metal panel that slow it down.
  • As a result, this keeps the dust from hitting the filters at full speed.
  • Then , At the bottom of this space, collected dust drops out into a drum or hopper. Baghouse Dust Collector for sale

Application Industry :

  • Ferrous metallurgy;
  • Nonferrous metallurgy;
  • Building materials industry;
  • Engineering;
  • Foundry;
  • Metal working;
  • Glass industry;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Mining industry;
  • Food industry;
  • Woodworking and furniture industry
Baghouse Dust Collector
Baghouse Dust Collector
Industrial Dust Collector
Baghouse Dust Collector Parts
Filter bag cage
Baghouse Filter Cage

Baghouse Dust Collector

We will provide cleaner working environments, allowing your workers free of pollutants by our pulse jet baghouse. It helps your manufacturing or production facility stay efficient and productive, while meeting local environment protection requirements.

Baghouses Dust collectors, pulse jet baghouse dust collectors are highly efficient industrial dust collectors that use groups of woven or felt filter bags to filter flue dustry gas for air pollution control. The flue dust enters the baghouse compartment, bag filters remove up to 99% of dust of the stream. The cleaned air comes out. The shake off will be started when the bag filter is with quantity dust. After that, filtering process begins again. Baghouse Dust Collector

Specification of industrial baghouse dust collectors

Type Air Volume 
Filter Bag Qty
Filter Bag Size
Weight (kg)Shipment 
ECP-603000 – 500060130 X 25001830 X 1150 X 61202100 11.00 0.50 
ECP-804000 – 680080130 X 25001830 X 1491 X 61202900 15.40 0.50 
ECP-1005100 – 8400100130 X 25001830 X 1830 X 61204000 21.00 0.50 
ECP-1206100 – 10000120130 X 25001830 X 2170 X 61205300 24.50 0.50 
ECP-1608100 – 13000160130 X 25001830 X 2850 X 61207000 40.00 0.80 
ECP-20010000 – 17000200130 X 25001830 X 3530 X 61208900 59.00 0.80 
ECP-24012000 – 20000240130 X 25001830 X 4210 X 61209600 65.00 0.80 
ECP-28014000 – 23000280130 X 25001830 X 4890 X 647610300 82.00 1.00 
ECP-36018000 – 30000360130 X 25001830 X 6250 X 647612400 100.00 1.00 
ECP-44022000 – 37000 440130 X 25001830 X 7610 X 647614200 172.48 1.50 
ECP-48024000 – 40000480130 X 25001830 X 8290 X 647615300 258.72 1.50 
ECP-56028000 – 47000560130 X 25001830 X 9650 X 647617800 340.00 1.50 
ECP-64032000 – 53760640130 X 25001830 X 11010 X 647620650 420.00 2.00 
Specification of CREATECH Baghouse Dust Collector

Cartridge Dust Collector

Cartridge collectors filter a wide range of particulates and dust form industrial workspaces. This type of dust collector may be used in laboratories, pharma, agricultural, food processing, metalworking, or other manufacturing facilities.

Cartridge filter material including PE , Nomex , PPS nonwoven material.Cartridge Dust Collector

In a cartridge dust collection system, dust is moved to a dust collection unit, where the dust passes through filter cartridges. These cartridges are installed with  pleated filtering media, where dust is filtered. The pleated filter media offers a greater filtering area. Cartridge Dust Collector

Cyclone Dust Collectors

Cyclone dust collectors are ideal for production applications with a large dust load, high temperature, and product recovery. The cyclone dust collection system uses centrifugal force to separate dust particles from the air. An air intake moves dirty air at an angle into the cyclone chamber, where the dust particles hit a helix-shaped baffle, and then the cylinder wall. Cyclone Dust Collectors

Centrifugal force drops the heavy particles to the bottom of the unit. Smaller particles may be filtered out by a smaller vortex. Clean air passes back out through an outlet valve.