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Cyclone Dust Collector , Cyclone Filters

Cyclone Filter is one of the industrial dust collection systems device, industrial dust filter , it is a collection of purifying equipment developed for many fields covering mine mining, metal smelting, machinery casting, chemical products processing , building materials, cement (Cement Grinding Mill), coal boiler ,  food processing with large flow, high concentration and irregular dust emission characteristics of working conditions. 

Cyclone Filter Units Projects
cyclone dust collectora
cyclone dust filter with bag filter

1.The cyclone filter is dust collector for harsh and high temperature particles.

2. It meets the requirements of Two and Three class areas

3. The filter has the advantages of high dedusting efficiency, small amount of maintenances, long service life, elegant appearance, and etc;  Pulse jet bag filter and cyclone dust collector. 3 hp cyclone dust collector

4. The industrial cyclone collector has selection and purification functions; 

5. It can be widely used in many fields of mining operations, electric furnace melting, and machinery manufacturing, chemical products, building materials, cement (cement grinding mill), waste incineration and grain processing, and etc. 

Product features of Cyclone filter

1.It is used to treat exhaust gas of high concentration,large air flow, high temperature and humidity etc.
2.It uses positive pressure reverse sucking air separate chamber offline dust clearing.
3.It uses PLC to realize automatic dust air cleaning, dust particle removal, automatic temperature control.Cyclone dust collector

Product features of Cyclone filter

1.It is used to treat exhaust gas of high concentration,large air flow, high temperature and humidity etc
2.It uses positive pressure reverse sucking air separate chamber offline dust clearing. Cyclone filter.
3.It uses PLC to realize automatic dust air cleaning, dust particle removal, automatic temperature control.

What is a cyclone dust collector ? Dust Collection System

It is cyclonic dust collection device which is for the initial dust collection for catching the bigger dust particles, usually working with pulse jet bag filter for higher filtration efficiency.

Dust collector cyclone